Hyphen Solutions

Hyphen Solutions

For over 20 years, Hyphen Solutions has been creating products to fit the needs of everyone involved in the home building industry. Home builders, suppliers and manufacturers choose Hyphen Solutions software products every day because our tools offer the most collaborative platform with the greatest amount of visibility on the market. Checkout our latest video to learn more!

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The Story

Founded in 1999, Hyphen Solutions built and currently operates BuildPro, the most widely used software-as-a-service application among North American home builders, as well as their suppliers, distributors and manufacturers. Given the nature of this unique industry, Hyphen Solutions has taken great care to make all of our products accessible on almost any device anywhere in the country. The current marketplace demands a real-time solution at all times.

For suppliers, subcontractors, distributors and manufacturers, Hyphen Solutions created SupplyPro, whose users benefit from having an online portal to view each job by task as well as the statuses and schedules, aggregated in one application for all their builder clients in the Network. Most importantly for the vendor, they have a real-time view of future schedule obligations, completed work accepted (as well as in-progress and potential work) by each job, superintendent and actual builder. All of this information is available from their mobile device or desktop.

By electronically linking the web-based portion of the home building industry, Hyphen Solutions applications reduce cycle time to complete builds, allows management real-time access to job status and can manage resources accordingly. This improves business results, provides lenders perfect knowledge of underwriting construction status, marketing, and home buyer's real-time access to the delivery schedule, and allows the real construction talent to be directed towards quality, customer satisfaction, safety, and continuous processes improvement. The efficiencies created to the supply chain results in better manufacturer pricing to the production home builders and rebates to the regional and custom home builders.