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Hyphen Wallet provides quick and easy electronic payments to Suppliers, Contractors and Trades from their Builder customers. Suppliers now have a choice of how and when you get paid, and as a result, increase your cash flow visibility, minimize your back-office support staff and manual reconciliation. Be in charge of how you get paid with Hyphen Wallet for Suppliers.

Payment Methods Available with Hyphen Wallet for Suppliers, Contractors and Trades

Choose the payment option that works best for you, depending on how fast you want to be paid. With Hyphen Wallet, you’re never stuck in one method of payment.

a RTP bank eligibility for Supplier to receive RTP payments. To find out if your bank is RTP eligible, click here.

b Fee subject to Builder discretion.

c % for eligible banks only.

Gain Visibility Into Payments and Invoices

Hyphen Wallet provides Suppliers a window into payments made by Builders with real-time payment status via the Hyphen Wallet portal. Hyphen Wallet also allows Suppliers to view payment reports in SupplyPro and download them into excel for further analysis. Now Suppliers can be easily connected to the home builder’s payment system.

Securing payments have never been easier. We invite you to check out our Hyphen Wallet explainer video!

Real-Time Data Flow

Instant reconciliation within Hyphen Wallet ensures a fast, accurate financial close cycle, improves cash flow visibility and working capital management and reduces potential fraudulent payouts. Combine payment methods, subsidiaries and regions using payment integration that’s real-time and available 24-hours.

Reduce Fraud and Increase Security

Having visibility into all transactions by the Builder, Suppliers, Trades and Contractors, payments can be verified and tracked throughout the payment process. Moving to an automated construction billing and payment software reduces the possibility of error by fraud or lost checks in the mail. Replace risk and fraudulent activity with enhanced security.

Hyphen Wallet Product Features

  • Complete control on how payments are received - RTP, Virtual Card, Wire, ACH or Check
  • 24/7 access to status of payments and funds
  • Ability to change payment options in real-time as opposed to a one-time payment choice at setup
  • Real-time messaging and transparency
  • Enhanced security and real-time funds availability
  • 24/7 always on service
  • 100% paperless transaction
  • Enhanced security


Wallet FAQ’s for Suppliers

See How SupplyPro with Hyphen Wallet Helps Corey Construction Streamline Accounts Receivable (AR) Processes

"As a longtime user of SupplyPro and now Hyphen Wallet, we greatly appreciate how Hyphen Solutions continually innovates by launching robust tools that streamline processes for any size Supplier as they grow and build their brand."

Read the Full Case Study

Hyphen Wallet features an easy-to-use portal that integrates seamlessly with SupplyPro, including the ability to track, reconcile and report payments. Learn More About Hyphen Wallet

Comparing Hyphen Wallet To Legacy Payment Methods:

With Hyphen Wallet You Will:

  • Receive payments in seconds vs 5-7 days with traditional checks.
  • Have flexible payment methods, change your payment preference at your convenience.
  • Gain real-time payment visibility into payment status for all received builder payments.
  • Minimize Accounts Receivable and Accounting support. With electronic payments you no longer have to worry about lost checks in the mail.
  • Prevent fraud with increased security of electronic payment methods.

Potential Issues of Staying with Legacy Payment Options:

  • Longer wait times for payments (days vs seconds).
  • Increased risk for fraud and lost checks in mail.
  • Long and manual reconciliation process.
  • Increased support needed by Accounting and Accounts Receivables teams.
  • Minimized access to cash flow.

The Evolving Landscape of Payment Methods
Why Builders are Adapting

Sticking with current legacy construction invoice and payment systems can prevent your business from potential opportunities. What did 120 organizations say about factors driving change for payment management systems?


Need to improve efficiency of the invoice payment management system


Need to respond to technological innovations


Need to reduce systemic risk


Market demand for better payment system/settlement services


End-user demand for better payment/settlement services


Government demand or better payment services

Suppliers, Take Advantage of Faster and More Secure Payments
that will Ultimately Help You Manage and Grow Your Business More Efficiently.

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Hyphen Wallet FAQs

Hyphen Wallet enables your Builders to pay you, their Supplier, in an automated, secure and quicker process via the electronic payment method of your choice. Ultimately, you the Supplier will receive your payment faster and more reliably using Hyphen Wallet.

  1. Real-Time Payment
  2. Virtual Card
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. Same-Day ACH
  5. Next Day ACH
  6. Standard ACH
  7. Check

RTP is a payment sent through the RTP Network that provides real-time funds availability to Suppliers. Funds from an RTP payment are immediately received in your bank account within seconds of transfer. Funds are available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.

Virtual Card is another option for expedited instant payment. Virtual Cards can be processed by anyone who accepts traditional credit card payments.

A Wire Transfer is an electronic payment service used to move money between bank accounts. Processing times range from same-day to 24-hour processing time from payment initiation.

An ACH payment is a type of electronic bank-to-bank payment option. Payments made in the US via ACH are made through the ACH Network, rather than going through the card networks such as Visa or Mastercard. Same-Day ACH payments take less than 1 day to process, Next-Day ACH takes 1 day to process, and Standard ACH payments take approximately 3 days to process to your bank account.

Yes, enroll in Real-Time Payment or Virtual Card and you will receive payment immediately. Enroll in Same-Day ACH or Wire Transfer and you will receive payment within 24 hours.

Yes. Over 70% of bank accounts are RTP eligible and increasing all the time.

To verify if your bank is RTP eligible, visit: 

Hyphen Wallet is a FREE service to Suppliers provided by your Builder. There is no cost to you the Supplier to accept payments via check or ACH. There is a % fee for expedited payments accepted using Real-Time Payment, Wire Transfer, Same-Day ACH, Next Day ACH or Virtual Card.

Yes. To accept electronic payments, a signed Hyphen Wallet agreement is required. This agreement is for a 12-month term and auto-renews.

Hyphen Wallet is a free application, however, we need to update your SupplyPro account to include Hyphen Wallet.

Hyphen Wallet is a financial application, and we are required to “Know Our Customer” to ensure that we are exceeding all Federal Financial Compliance regulations.

It will take 5-7 days from signing up for Hyphen Wallet to receive your first payment.

Yes, you can change your payment method at any time. All changes can be made in the Hyphen Wallet portal: