Hyphen HomeSight - Home Building Virtual Design Software

Give your homebuyers the power to build and design their dream home with Hyphen Solutions’ industry-leading virtual design software. We help provide your prospects with a fun, personalized visual experience, while improving your sales process efficiency, increasing overall leads and conversions, as well as giving your homebuyer’s the ability to see your options, finishes and customizations at the click of a button.

Convert More Leads to Sales, Faster Than Ever Before.

Communicate your availability of finishes and customizations quickly to your leads and prospects, allowing them to fall in love with their personalized home brought to life before their eyes. This increases the effectiveness and productivity of the sales process, increasing the probability of lead to contract conversions, while giving you insights into popular styles and trending features.

Digitize Your Design Center, Creating a More Efficient Process.

By taking your Design Center online, you are able to easily update and track which features are presented to your customers including structural options, elevations, exterior and interior finishes, fixtures, flooring and more. This decreases the amount of employee hours needed in the planning stages of the homebuyer’s new home, elevates your buyer’s confidence in their selections and helps them fall in love with and budget for more options, adding to your overall profitability.

Give Your Homebuyers Customization at Their Fingertips and Increase Your Profitability.

By providing all of your design options to your homebuyers online, they can see everything you have to offer, on their own time according to their schedule. Hyphen HomeSight is mobile-friendly, allowing homebuyers to look at their home options at home, at work or on the go, from desktop, cell phones or tablets. Giving your prospects the ability to see all of your available options virtually on their new home increases the chances of them choosing more options, which in turn, is more profitable for the Home Builder,

Quick Implementation with Home Builder Industry Software Experts.

Hyphen HomeSight is built to be customizable to your options as well as your business model. Work closely with our design, image and implementation experts to accurately represent your design options and colors. Our implementation is very efficient, taking about 2 to 4 months, allowing you to quickly implement this visual tool into your sales process and start closing more new home contracts.

Convert Your Leads to Confident Homebuyers with Hyphen HomeSight

  • Online design platform with mobile compatibility
  • Leads can book appointments online with your Sales team
  • 2 to 4 month implementation with our experienced team
  • Reduce the design process, saving your company time and money
  • Step-by-step design process and visual experience for your homebuyers
  • Selection of community, floorplan, options, colors, home lot and customizations
  • Accurate representations of all of your home colors, finishes, options and fixtures allowing for more revenue from increased option selections
  • Integrates homebuyer preferences and selections with your back-office

Provide an incredible visual experience with Hyphen HomeSight!

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ROIs for Bringing Hyphen HomeSight to Your Business:

Your Business + Hyphen HomeSight:

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for lengthy sales processes and in-person design centers
  • Streamline design selections by bringing it online creating a more effective and efficient sales cycle
  • Make business decisions based on insights provided by homebuyers using your online home visualization software
  • Allow prospects the flexibility to look at their new home options on their own time with the flexibility of a mobile-friendly platform
  • Increase revenue by providing prospects with more design options and the ability to see them all in their new home, allowing them to choose more options.

Your Business without Hyphen HomeSight:

  • Slow sales cycles and new home deals lost
  • Overwhelmed homebuyers who lack confidence in their design selections without the ability to visualize their options
  • Scheduling conflicts and increased cancellations with lengthy in-person design center appointments

Is Hyphen HomeSight Right for Your Business?

Increase sales conversions

Short implementation process


Increase website lead generation

⬇ 50%

Reduce design process by at least 50%


Mobile compatibility


Eliminate the need for an in-person design center


Customize your offered design features


More options chosen leading to increased revenue

Ready to dive deeper into Hyphen HomeSight and what all we have to offer you and your homebuyers?

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